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Sacred Reciprocity with Samia Hasan

How are you? How are you feeling?

I’m grateful to be having a conversation with you that others can witness! So often I’ve felt there are specks of gold here and there that come out when we’re talking on the phone and I keep wishing we could collate those little moments 🌈

I’m also looking forward to talking to your Studio Ānanda audience on a topic that’s so insanely misunderstood i.e. money… And the meaning + identity we attach to it. 

As a world, so many of us have quietly and unconsciously agreed to (for lack of a better term coming to me) “poverty consciousness” and vows of poverty. Especially those of us on a deeply spiritual journey. 

Of course there are so many long standing reasons for this which you guys have addressed in your work and you’ve personally addressed these in your newsletters and your books. 

None of us can be blamed for it as it’s deeply rooted in our societal and familial structures. 

Because of this, we’ve been unaware of our tremendous power in creating a different reality for ourselves and our world. 

Yeah. I thought it was really cool that we were both thinking about ancestral trauma around money and that’s part of the reason I wanted to talk to you/ interview you… how special that as sisters we get to explore this. 

So special. Yes we’re releasing old patterns from our DNA right now. Not just you and me… But as a world collective. 

Patterns that have become embedded in us, which aren’t befitting to the greatness of our souls…. Considering the Divine One that made us! 

Yes we can say it’s embedded in the patriarchy and “the less conscious Masculine” (yes aka toxic Masculine which I prefer not to use) ways that have been ruling our planet….

We’ve absolutely been through so much.

And, having said that, I deeply feel and believe that we’ve collectively also somehow… Allowed for this to happen by disowning and unconsciously giving away our power, authority and sovereignty. 

It’s time for us now to acknowledge how we ourselves have contributed to this in some way, small or large. 

It’s empowering because when we realise so much power is in our hands, we can consciously choose to use and direct it for universal good and change 

Let’s get a bit of context on you. You’ve been an entrepreneur in the “healing worlds” for many years. What was the first thing that inspired you to start your own business? Do you remember what inspired you?

I never actually understood the concept of a job where you do something you don’t enjoy nor find fulfillment in, just for money to pay your bills, and that repeated, becomes “life.”

I don’t know if you remember our conversations when I was in high school… I was always drawn to the power of the Feminine (and to things that would likely be classified as “witchy”)… How that relates to money and embracing beauty (both represented by Venus). 

These are also the things that I’ve absolutely rebelled against for a long time. That’s a story in itself

In summary, I was feeling that ancient calling to connect to my Feminine in a deeper way because I used to be/am quite the tomboy. 

What’s the word for that these days…? 

Being vacuously beautiful, uninteresting, catty, irrational, overly dramatic and emotional to the point of chaos. Though I had my reasons for it, I feel sad whenever I remember this was what I correlated Femininity with, once. 

As for specific examples of inspiration, there have been many I’m sure… Usually stories of goddesses (E.g when finding out which of the 12 Hawaiian goddess archetypes resonate the most). Though stories from scripture impacted me more than anything, specifically Khadijah peace be upon her. She was the wealthiest woman of her time, wise & gracious. She was her own boss in a time when I imagine she had no other female role models running their own business, and very successfully at that. (She was also a lot older than her spouse while he was in his prime, I related to that too and loved how it took nothing away from her value [value also symbolised by Venus] in her incredible historically significant relationship. Or from her worth.)

Her story allowed me to give myself permission to have a business and be responsible for the money I command.  Prior to this point, our family had instilled in us a belief that an academic career was the only Noble pursuit.  And that money and business were dirty…. I committed to this belief and shunned my interest in anything outside of an academic career. Along with this, I also shunned my passion for the vision I held (helping the world heal by being honest about our need for rest and pleasure, that sexuality and spirituality are one and shunning either is akin to shunning our whole embodied self down…). 

I had a lot of my own shame to confront around money, business…. And then later, what I charge for the receiving of what I offer. Over many years, I took the things that deeply inspired me and got clearer and clearer about what I’m supposed to be doing in the world. For me, it was a long process because I used to labour over everything and take it so seriously… Like it was a matter of life and death to get it right 🙃.  

It isn’t. You grow and your vision evolves alongside you.

I guess this is where it’s really interesting too, because there’s one thing to really follow one’s dreams (which we both did/pursued in very non-traditional paths) but then it’s another to actually make a business and sustain it.

What’s been your journey with financially manifesting your dreams?

I was talking just before about embracing the path of the Feminine, all things Venusian and healed the way I thought about business… (Happened over many years) 

[I want to respectfully make sure I mention that when I talk about the Feminine, I refer simply to an energy that I wanted to embrace more of in my life because it felt nurturing, empowering while also freeing rather than draining, constricting and harsh. I want your readers to feel anyone can embrace the Feminine should they wish to] 

When I really embraced and owned that energy in myself and in my life, it allowed me to also acknowledge what I give to those I work with. 

In our world culture, being able to sit with people and truly see the core of their soul while deeply holding them unconditionally with an open heart, without judgement, isn’t valued. 

Yet, ironically I’ve (and I think you would agree) found it to be probably the most healing thing on this planet. I therefore truly believe it deserves to be honoured alongside other professions. 

One of the most challenging steps for me and for many of us is charging what we know something is worth when people don’t want to pay much because it’s not valued work.

I have in the past very quickly guilted myself for needing an energy exchange/something in return. Yet it’s so vital. Otherwise resentment is the natural outcome as our energy reserves aren’t Infinite. These days I have to remind myself how much I do give, the energy it takes to show up as a clear channel and the results of transformation experience by those receiving—this reminds me of the power of the work

But it’s still a challenge right? What challenges do you meet everyday, or on the regular, about self worth?

My doubting my self will come up any day I’ve not consciously committed to my daily rituals, from the moment I wake. 

My energetic sensitivity, intense stomach pain from anxiety and food reactions contribute to my self doubting. 

So I spend a significant amount of time in the morning preparing myself energetically, before going onto social media or interacting with anyone, I mean outside of my spouse. 

Financially, what were things you’ve learned along the way that you wish people would’ve told you earlier?

These were some of my greatest financial lessons: 

I left a great salary and permanent secure position to begin my business. I’m gifted at saving money and believed that this combined with my fallback income would be enough while establishing my business. It wasn’t.

I actually had to go back into working for others again. So until your business is making the income you desire, it might be imperative to have an income coming in, in the background (amazing if you have passive income or a side gig though most don’t). 

You could also reduce your hours at your current position while transitioning into your business. Having this income gives you financial confidence. 

When we don’t feel confident, we may take on clients that aren’t 100% aligned. Inevitably this is very draining. I’ve learned such a big lesson with this one. 

Something else I did was invest a lot of money, believing that I’d easily make it back as mentors had told me I would. I didn’t and instead went into thousands of dollars in debt.

I didn’t want to ask anyone for help. From this I learned: when I’m investing in anything with the view that I’ll make the money back, you don’t need to know how but simply have a plan to map out and stick to it (re a strategy) before investing any money in anything. This really helps with beginning taking action (again balancing the Masculine with the Feminine) and continuing taking consistent action. 

Have systems around money. I’m a visionary so this applies to others like me. I’m rejuvenated by being in the Feminine – flow, ease and not having to be rigid or linear as it feels stifling. So to allow myself to exist in the Feminine much more and hold my clients from there and call in abundance from there, having Masculine structure/systems are what hold me. Without this dependable feeling of being held, things can feel chaotic for me. 

Also, rest. Money is tied with being able to receive, so giving to yourself allows us to drop into Feminine energy which brings abundance to us, without our having to chase. 

So allow yourself to receive help. Feminine energy thrives on support, being nurtured and held.

One of the craziest things I learned was being abundant meant I had an engaged relationship with money. This included looking at my bank account and watching my incoming and outgoing money down to the last cent which was extraordinarily uncomfortable for me (and using systems for these – in a way that works for you).

✨✨✨To give generously I need to generously give to my own soul just as much – so I can sustain my giving. As I have such a huge vision when it comes to how much I want to give. When I didn’t honour myself, I kept burning out.

Do you feel like you’re burning out less these days? Have you found some rituals to ground you with money? 

Yes I’ve got more energy these days with a sleep ritual and consciously winding down before bed… Making time to witness and hold space for our emotions is so important I’m realising.

These are the money rituals (along with context behind how I came to believe it’s important) that have helped me better my relationship to money

  1. I was very involved in a lot of giving back to our community up until University, and began to see a lack of honesty amongst service oriented/spiritually inclined people about their needs for fear of looking greedy or not being self sacrificial enough. I have a theory that many of those creating discord in the world are full of resentful themselves. So my first practice is: raw honesty with myself about my own capacity and when I need to stop; choosing the lifestyle that resonates with me from a place of abundance, believing there’s enough for everyone while healing my shame and guilt around choosing ease and joy 
  2. Growing up I believed that an abundance mindset meant to never count your money but to only give it away without keeping record of what I’m giving. When I began studying the abundance mindset,  I realised that I was actually not looking at my money out of fear of facing it and alsoI found it so boring 😜. Those who live with a healthy relationship to money have an actual relationship to money. They look at it, acknowledge it, feel grateful for it and are clear about their outgoing and incoming money keeping a meticulous record
  3. Living a life committed to joy and ease by rewriting old narratives I have about myself. 

What’s some advice you’d give to anyone trying to start their own healing business?

If I had to say the most important thing, even after everything I’ve mentioned above, I’d say to focus completely on your own knowing and vision. 

Don’t be giving yourself reason to doubt your own vision because of what someone else has done or constantly pitting yourself against others. 

No one else can see the vision that we have for our mission and business and this can certainly feel like a lonely path to walk when it feels like people don’t understand.

Do absolutely whatever it takes to stay focused in your own lane. I don’t believe any measure taken is too drastic. We’re deep feelers with a big mission. Focusing on the mission single mindedly helps us channel our energy and emotions into it, amplifying it

Samia Hasan (she/her) – Relationship Alchemist & Energy Healer. 

Samia is fiercely passionate about helping highly spiritual individuals integrate their sexuality with their spirituaity; their shadows with their light, into a balanced whole. From this grounded place, she helps people step into their authentic goddess energy and call in their soul aligned partner. 

Samia’s professional training include Psychology (University of New South Wales), Certified Energy Healer in 4 Energy Healing modalities (including Theta & Sacred Soul Alignment), Art of Feminine Presence Teacher & Certified Mastercoach. 

Samia uses the science of understanding personality through astrology (in a non future predictive way) when working with clients. 

Samia currently lives in Sydney Australia & partially grew up in Canada with Bengali roots. She now works with people from all over the world.