Bianca Harris
  • Himalayan Kundalini
  • Kriya
  • Mantra
  • Meditation/ Guided Meditation/ BreathWork
  • Pranayama
  • Los Angeles
Clientele Focus
  • Black
  • POC
Bianca Harris
Bianca Harris is a creative entrepreneur offering 10+ years of experience as a public speaker/ host and founder/ director at WIPPWellness. A result driven professional and creator accomplished in start ups and delivering various mediums through conception and direction.
The director/founder of WIPP Wellness; a brand that makes wellness more accessible to young movers and shakers. Bianca oversees all branding, marketing, communications and elevation of operational productivity at WIPP Wellness.
You may also find Bianca speaking on various platforms and facilitating meditation for private and corporate clients. Bianca’s teachings are unique and focussed on igniting your intuition/connecting to your inner being. Her training at SATTVA Yoga Academy captured an integrated focus through yoga and meditation. Bianca facilitates breath work, meditation and knowledge talks integrating multiple modalities. Her work is rooted in tantric and Kundalini traditions of the Himalayas. A deeply transformational & holistic practice from the ancient traditions of the Himalayan masters, flowing & shifting energy in the body, mind & soul. Her experience as a host, speaker and wellness advocate creates her class not only into a deeply healing meditative practice but also a wisdom based experience for any student.
“The highest pass is within us. This journey is to realize that.”