Cheryl Maurice
  • Herbalist
  • Vancouver
Clientele Focus
  • Indigenous
Cheryl Maurice

Cheryl Maurice is a member of the English River Denesuline Nation located in northwest Saskatchewan. She is very fluent in her language. She spent over 25 years as a team member in the Indigenous governance sector and developed a natural talent for business.

Cheryl is an avid entrepreneur and is currently involved in creating natural healing products and sustainable solutions with industrial hemp, cannabis, food sovereignty plus innovation and technology.

Cheryl has always been driven to create opportunities and solutions for Indigenous groups and continuously strives to create economic independence. She credits the passion to her grandparents who helped raise her and taught her the importance of maintaining culture and traditions while living off the benefits of the land.

She has also planned many events including national events focused on creating economic independence. Her passion to help people continues as she works hard to bridge the gap. Her dedication and wide network of international clients has demonstrated that she carries a desire that will no doubt assist people to create a quality of life that she has always dreamt of.