Rachelle Robinett
  • Herbalist
  • New York
  • Online
Clientele Focus
  • Queer
Rachelle Robinett

Supernatural is a New York based, globally-spirited company dedicated to modern herbalism education. The Supernatural ecosystem includes Supernatural cafe & shop, a product line of herbal gummies (HRBLS), and on-demand online classes that bring the history and global nature of herbalism into the daily lives of modern humans. Supernatural was founded and is lead by Rachelle Robinett, RH (AHG)—Herbalist, Educator, and life-long naturalist. Rachelle combines holistic herbalism experience with today’s health science and an understanding of both individual behavior modification and wellness industry zeitgeists to create life-changing health for thousands of people every day. Rachelle holds certificates in Complementary and Integrative Health, and Clinical Herbalism, and has spent thousands of hours teaching, speaking, publishing, and in private practice with clients. Rachelle has been studying the relationship between plants and people her entire life, around the world. In addition to directing the operations of Supernatural, Rachelle writes, consults, and offers professional consulting for companies in the wellness and food industries. In active recovery, Rachelle travels as much as possible, writes poetry, trains like a would-be athlete, and practices solitude.