Risley Cline
  • Reiki
  • Los Angeles
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  • Queer
Risley Cline

Risley Cline is a sensitive being at heart. Her connection to the ephemeral played itself out in childhood through her vivid imagination, playful storytelling, and artistic endeavors. In this way, her channeling abilities have been present from the beginning but it wasn’t until her 21st birthday that she began to realize this in its entirety. The veil of the physical world was swept away immediately after moving into a haunted apartment just steps away from a multi-acre cemetery. The paranormal became her norm as she navigated a multitude of Spirits, both high and low vibrational. Her aim is to walk her clients home to their own inherent abilities and to show the importance of caring for the invisible world through ancestral reverence. She is currently based out of Long Beach, CA and feels an intense passion for being a healer and a teacher.