• Holistic Healing
  • California
  • Los Angeles
Clientele Focus
  • Queer

Sukhpreet was born on Plains Miwok Land in California and traces their roots to the land of the five rivers (Punjab) nestled in Pakistan and India. Their passion is shaped by the desire to preserve the narratives, wisdom, and beauty passed down from their matrilineal elders — steeped in Punjabi-Sikh practices, magic and ritual while deconstructing colonization, caste, anti-blackness, Islamaphobia and white supremacist + brahmanical patriarchy. They are a true gemini shapeshifter and 8th houser — sifting a as channel through writing, visual storytelling, community cultivation, facilitation and carving soft containers to hold grief, trauma, repressed emotion, pain, inquiry, spiritual guidance, death processing/honoring/preparation and inner exploration. Their dreams and work are rooted in providing aid to and expressing processes of transition, transmutation and transformation. They imagine that stewarding this will help us collectively create a world that is founded on unconditional love, reciprocity, care and truth. This world spans binaries and previous paradigms of lack + limitation. Their work has bloomed in thanks to transformative justice, abolition, disability frameworks, Black liberation, Queer + Trans liberation, the joy of their ancestors and elders, and being blissfuly embodied with their kinfolk.