Tony Pham
  • Contemplative Mentor
  • Eastern Wellness
  • Trauma Focused
  • New York
Clientele Focus
  • Black
  • Immigrant
  • Indigenous
  • NB
  • POC
  • Queer
  • Trans Men
  • Trans Women
  • Trauma Informed
  • Women
Tony Pham

Tony is blessed to train with elders and teachers of sacred lineages who authorize him to facilitate safe containers so that others may access their own Truth. Over the past five years, he has guided meditation for hundreds of people across North America. As Tony occupies the intersectionality of being a person of color (POC) and queer (LGBT), he offers up a fiercely compassionate approach based on his own lived experiences, which can especially resonate with members of marginalized communities that seek to stand in the full power of their authentic selves.