Studio Ānanda is an organization and a resource for global, post-capitalist healing. At the heart of our mission is an online community platform—our digital space is a place where people can come and find wellness tools that have been obfuscated through colonization. Through archiving stories and conversations, facilitating community engaged workshops, a radio show and a research lab, we explore what wellness looks like when it is accessible to everyone. By working directly with practitioners who offer accessible and alternative ways to heal outside of the modern wellness industry we not only mitigate harm done by the traditional wellness industry, but we also broaden the conditions of what wellness means and who gets to be well. By doing this we are responding to the wellness industrial complex and its praxis to extract, steal, whitetify, patent and own indigenous knowledge.

Given the historic context of the land on which we (most of us, settlers) reside, it is imperative that we draw attention to the devastating impacts that centuries of colonization have imposed upon Indigenous people. We stand in solidarity with all Indigenous people that are seeking to reclaim their identities, health, land, and community resources. Studio Ānanda acknowledges that it is located on the ancestral Lenape homelands, also known as New York City, and pays respect to the Lenape elders, past, present and future. We also honor and uphold the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of so-called ‘Sydney,’ Australia and we also honor and uphold the lineages of the First Nations people of Tkaronto, otherwise known as ‘Toronto’, Canada.